About Us

VPRO BIOTECH is a Natural Health Supplement Manufacturing Company In India

VPRO BIOTECH, established in 2019 provides nutritional supplements in the brand name of VEGETARIAN PRO for the benefit of mankind to overcome their health issues ranging from acute to chronic stage. The products are of high quality with genuine botanicals, processed as per traditional and modern scientific lines


Wealth is an important component of everyone’s life and in search of wealth people discard their health. Our ancestors believed ‘Health is Wealth’ as with good health one can earn any amount of wealth. 


Our mission is to bring out best of the products from natural sources for the well-being of our society

Research And development

Our Research Team

All products of ‘VPro Biotech’ are formulated based on traditional use in our households for centuries and from modern research outcomes. A team of highly talented and experienced Scientists/Specialists of various disciplines ranging from biology, toxicology, phytochemistry, taxonomy, biotechnology and herbal pharmacy are helping in developing the natural food supplements.

Consultancy Service

To make available the services of above experts to those interested, ‘VPro Biotech’ has recently launched ‘Consultancy Service’ also. Authentic herbal raw material supply, Traditional Medical Formulation development, Quality Control of fresh materials and herbal products are some of the services available with us